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Direct Mail Marketing: Is it Still Relevant?

With the current constant changes within the digital landscape and the exponential growth of marketing via SMS, email, social media, and other digital forms, many business owners might question whether or not direct mail marketing still has any relevance to the business world today.

It is interesting to note that while SMS and email marketing (alongside social media) are becoming ever more popular, statistically direct mail marketing still most certainly has a place for reaching target consumers. It may even be surprising to learn that, when approached strategically, direct mail marketing can surpass the digital marketing forms when it comes to engagement, response rate, and overall results.

While it’s true that many people seem to view advertising mail as being annoying or intrusive, marketing researchers cite that up to ninety-two percent of direct mail is opened; even if it is then relegated to the recycling bin, those consumers for whom it is relevant will be reached and the message will be delivered.

Why does well-targeted direct mail marketing work? With so much mail being delivered digitally today, direct mail in one’s letterbox is almost a novelty. People feel valued when they receive mail, and direct mail offers a sensory experience. You can’t just take a millisecond to hit a delete button with direct mail.

Direct Mail Works. Branded advertising messages can be personalised by being delivered to one’s letterbox, and, particularly when it is enclosed in a specifically addressed envelope, not only do consumers feel valued, they are more inclined to take positive action. Messages are also retained better with direct mail.

Direct Mail is:

  • Tangible
  • Branded
  • Personalised
  • Available to all audiences
  • Complementary to a digital marketing strategy

Well-constructed and targeted direct mail marketing drives engagement, and statistically, forty-eight percent of targeted recipients of direct mail marketing will convert. This is true not only for older, more traditionally-minded recipients, but also for millennials. It offers a significant return on investment for business owners.

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