Build Brand Awareness with Email Marketing

The whole point of any marketing activity is to build brand awareness and encourage consumers to choose your brand to fulfil their needs.

Email marketing can be a very effective way to build awareness of your brand, stand apart from your competitors, reach new customers, and generate leads. When used well, email marketing can communicate industry updates and new products to existing customers as well as those who have actively shown an interest in your brand.

These tips will help you get started in the execution of an effective email campaign:

  • Gain Permission

Email is ideally a permission-based marketing platform. Very few email users appreciate receiving unsolicited marketing emails, however those who have agreed to receive marketing content this way from select brands will actually look forward to your messages hitting their inboxes. As such, you should only add those to your email marketing list with whom you have an existing business relationship and those who have actively signed up to receive your email newsletters.


  • Prioritise your Target Audience

Email elicits open rates of more than fifty percent; when you are known to deliver high value content, these rates will be much higher. Know who your audience is and what they want to see from you. Know also what they are not interested in receiving!

All email marketing content needs to be relevant and it should promote engagement. To achieve this, listen to feedback from your audience and where necessary, modify your strategy for improved interaction. Provide valuable content that’s interesting and informative, including helpful advice, appealing images, and shareable content. Sharing is where your new leads will come from.


  • Consistency is Key

Maintain your brand identity across all marketing activities, including email marketing. This extends to the appearance and tone of your messages, the frequency with which you send out emails, and the professionalism of your messages. This way, every time a consumer receives a new message from you, they will instantly recognise it as such.


There are so many ways to build great relationships between your brand and consumers, and email is but one of these. It’s convenient and it works.

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