More Ways to Personalise Marketing Emails

Whatever your marketing broadcast method, the best results will occur if your messages are personalised to their audience. This applies even more so when you send out SMS or email marketing.

When you partner with an SMS or email marketing gateway like ClickSend, you have at your fingertips a wealth of information that you can use to maximise your opportunities for effective marketing and real, measurable results. This data is what you need for optimal personalisation in your emails.

The vast majority of marketers are aware of the benefits of personalisation, however many don’t actually know where to start or how to implement personalised content.

These tips will help you use personalisation to its best advantage for marketing emails:


  • Build Customer Personas. Identify your target customers and then segment them to understand them better. Group them by various attributes and qualities that can be applied to your marketing plan. For example, B2B customers will belong in a different arena and require a different marketing approach than will B2C consumers. A highly targeted email marketing experience will benefit all parties.


  • Ask Your Audience. Why do they visit your website? Why do they subscribe to your newsletter? What do they love about your brand? People love to be asked and to give their opinion. Reasons for using a brand or services vary – so should content delivered accordingly.


  • Use your Location. Timing is everything. Emails garner better responses at certain times, and even across time zones, you need to optimise delivery times. By segmenting subscribers into their time zones, emails can be sent more mindfully and more effectively. Customer data can also describe best times for optimal open rates for each subscriber.


  • Trigger Automated Emails. Triggered emails have much higher open rates than traditional emails, when they are sent in response to inactivity, abandoned shopping carts, to welcome, to re-engage, or when any other consumer behaviour triggers an email.
  • Personalise your Brand. This adds a human level to your business and connects your brand with its customers. When emails come from a member of the marketing team as opposed from the company at large, they achieve better interactions, better click-throughs, and better overall customer responses.


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