Current Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Part Two

Further to our last post relating to current mobile marketing trends, here are some more trending features which innovative and savvy mobile marketers need to be aware of in the coming months…

Branded Text Voting

Text voting platforms which allow for voting by SMS in real time are flourishing. Many industry experts believe that these platforms are set to potentially be the primary SMS marketing and engagement initiatives in the future.

SMS polls can greatly enhance sales for a business. Unlike after-service phone polls and point of sale polls, SMS polls are seen by consumers as being less intrusive – especially when an incentive is offered for voting, such as coupons etc. SMS polling is set to be a premium marketing campaign tool for promotional and business purposes – and customers do like to give feedback as it makes them feel like they matter.

Mobile Apps for TV

The day is fast approaching where mobile apps will control television browsers, television program saving options, and on-demand television services. This provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to get onboard and take advantage of a traditional advertising platform in a new and exciting way.

Personalised Ad Campaigns

Personalisation in all forms of advertising is a growing entity. Technology that is targeted to specific consumers and consumer groups is the way of the future for advertisers and marketers. As a result, data is more driven by consumer behaviour and users need to be targeted at the point of engagement. For business owners, advanced targeting offers amazing opportunities for growth.

Focus on Engagement

Up until recently, almost all marketing campaigns have been widely focused on clicks as opposed to the metrics of actual engagement. Now, with so many options for consumers online and via mobile, marketing strategies need to shift focus to remain competitive. Most apps lose users very soon after attaining them due to boredom or limited satisfaction. To succeed, mobile marketers need to consistently and constantly reach and engage mobile users.


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