Top Email Marketing Trends from the Last Year

Email marketing, like its partner SMS marketing, is growing in its use and application for businesses at an exponential rate. During 2016, it has developed to a large extent and the way we use email is changing rapidly.

Here are just a few of the top email marketing trends from 2016 which have changed the way consumers respond to email marketing efforts worldwide…


Personalising email for marketing purposes is crucial to the success of your campaign. Content is personalised for individual consumers and is based on location, demographics, browsing and purchasing trends, and much more. Sending out birthday greetings, abandoned shopping cart reminders, and much more is not just clever – it’s great customer relations.

Optimisation for Mobile

The majority of all emails are now opened on mobile devices. All emails your business sends must be mobile-optimised if you are to remain competitive. This includes shorter subject lines and more condensed, meaningful content.


Personalisation with geolocation is another aspect of contemporary email marketing. Content is personalised with geographic location, such as providing local weather-based content or directions to a local store.

Email Animation

Adding cinemagraphs and animated GIFs to emails is very popular right now, as well as sharing video content. When used properly and in a strategic way, these eye-catching features can drive up results and consumer interaction with your marketing emails.

Adaptation for Wearable Devices

Smartwatches and other wearable devices are still relatively new and their use is predicted to grow into and beyond 2017. Marketers must adapt email content to comply with this technology – making the need for short, concise, and meaningful content even more crucial. Most importantly, subject lines and clear sender details must captivate users from the outset so that messages aren’t discarded immediately upon delivery.


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