How to Build Your Email Marketing List

You’re about to embark on a new email marketing campaign. They key to your success lies in having a responsive email marketing list. How can you increase your rates for opt-ins? How can you minimise the number of subscribers who choose to unsubscribe?

  1. Simplify the Subscription Process

Offer plenty of opportunities to subscribe throughout your website. Have a subscription link on your homepage, on your social media pages, and on other prominent parts of your website.  You also need to make the sign-up process simple and fast.

  1. Offer Incentives

Make subscription worthwhile for your customers. One way to do this in an obvious way is to offer coupons, discount vouchers, or an entry into a prize draw. Consumers love to get “something for nothing” and signing up to an email list is perceived as an easy way to potentially win.

  1. Collect Subscribers in Person

A great way to collect subscribers is at events like trade shows, conferences, festivals, etc. These events are all about networking and by handing out business cards and fliers, you’ll likely receive plenty in return.

  1. Be Transparent

Demonstrate to consumers why they should become subscribers. Explain what you’ll deliver via email – promotions, special deals, interesting information, etc.

  1. Have a Strong, Concise Subject Line

Avoid having your emails deleted before they are even opened: include a clear, short subject line in every email. The subject line alone dictates whether the majority of subscribers open an email – so make yours punchy and captivating. 

  1. Provide Value

Subscribers will only stay with you if what you deliver is relevant and valuable to them. Personalise messages so they aren’t skin to broadcasts; make them more like a letter between friends. Acknowledge subscribers by name, track their activity on your website, and make each and every message you send valuable enough that it will be opened, read, and ideally, acted upon.

  1. Optimise for Mobile

More and more consumers are opening email on their mobile devices. You MUST optimise all your content for mobile. Unresponsive design will only drive consumers away.

  1. Let Subscribers Choose How Often they Hear from You

Don’t send too many emails – more than one or two per week will generally be too much.  Allow subscribers to change their preferences quickly and easily so they choose what kind of emails they get from you and how often.

  1. Make it Simple to Opt-Out

Of course you don’t want subscribers to opt out, but you need to make it simple and clear if they choose to do so. A subscriber who is unsure about whether to carry on with you will be more inclined to stay if it’s clear how they can change their mind at any time.


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