Why Branding Matters in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Business branding is crucial to any marketing campaign. It’s also critical to note that marketing and branding are not the same thing! One great analogy to explain the difference between the two is:

“Branding is storytelling; marketing is using that story to drive sales”. (Source: Redlounge.com.au)

Branding is the first step to creating your brand and its identity. It’s how you as a business will be recognised and remembered, and it needs to be consistent.

If you want consumers and your subscribers to properly connect with your brand, including with your email marketing campaign, you need to not only establish your brand, but carry its integrity through to all of your marketing, including email, SMS, and social media.

Your brand sets you apart from the rest – especially your niche competitors. Your brand:

  • Is an ambassador for your business
  • Is your business identity
  • Should be memorable
  • Should be unique
  • Is visually appealing
  • Connects you with consumers
  • Sets a trend

An authentic brand that is successful and recognisable requires a precise strategy. It will resonate with consumers, provide value in its services or products, and compel audiences to pay attention to it. It will stand out amongst others offering similar buyer experiences.

When these qualities extend to your email marketing campaign, your efforts are sure to pay off. Subscribers will instantly know who your emails are from and why they are receiving them. They will open and read your emails because they know the contents will be of value to them. They will even look forward to receiving your emails!

Let your branding shine through:

  • Your Logo, Fonts, and Colours
  • Your Sender and Subject Line
  • Your content and its tone
  • Imagery
  • Consistency is key!

Great branding can help your business stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, be influential, and succeed. Make sure you extend your branding identity throughout all of your marketing activities, including your email marketing campaign. ClickSend is a superior Australian-based SMS and email marketing partner and we can help you with our email marketing platform. Contact us today.

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