7 Mobile Marketing Tricks to Find New Customers


Marketing messages are best placed where they will be seen by the widest audience – and smartphones and tablets represent one of the greatest channels for delivery of marketing messages to the masses. With almost seventy percent of the global population having a mobile phone subscription, mobile with internet access is a marketing channel that clever advertisers and marketers absolutely must tap into.

Using mobile marketing to find new customers for your business is a no-brainer; here are just seven of the most effective mobile marketing tips and tricks that will help you find and capture new customers.

  • Mobile Email – ask customers to subscribe to your email list for newsletters etc at their checkout or via social pages. Push emails to mobile users and consider mobile-friendly actions, including using mobile to deliver email coupons at point of sale.
  • SMS – invite customers to opt-into your text messaging or SMS list. Use short codes and opt-in keywords then push messages periodically that offer tangible value to subscribers.
  • MMS – operating like SMS, MMS includes image-based messages, with sound and more text available. It can be used in the same was as SMS.
  • Mobile Internet – advertise your website and better still, include a QR code (quick response) to point consumers to your website on their mobiles.
  • Mobile Apps – offer app downloads from your mobile responsive site and list your apps in the app store. Marketing messages can then be pushed to consumers via the downloaded apps.
  • Mobile Searches – there is no easier way to search for a nearby service or product than via a mobile search. Include directions and information on your site that is mobile responsive, and ask customers to check in at your business online on social media to allow their friends to see where you are and to maximise your online visibility.
  • Enablers – cameras, GPS, voice recording, and Wi-Fi are built into most modern mobile devices. Ask customers to use these to their and your mutual benefit: one idea is to ask that they take a photo of one of your products they use and email or send it to you to receive a discount. This can be a fun and inclusive way to encourage subscribers to share the word on your brand.

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