Spotlight: Australian Mobile Shopping Habits

The last decade has seen a significant shift towards online shopping in Australia, and mobile is used ever more commonly in the purchasing process. A Nielsen Report has recently found that nearly all Australians who use the internet have shopped online, and approximately half of these have researched products via mobile, if not actually completing their purchase over their mobile phone.

A snapshot of Australian mobile shopping habits reveals:

  • 25% of Australians shop online every week
  • 67% of Australians pay using contactless technology, including Pay Wave and Pay Pass
  • Most consumers aged between 16 and 59 years will browse, research, and complete the purchase process in the evening, frequently doing so via mobile device
  • Consumers aged over 60 years are more likely to shop online in the morning

(Source: Australian Connected Consumers Report 2016)

Many consumers make the decision to buy online, ultimately making their purchase in-store, however the volume of consumers who buy online is growing.

Interestingly, 30% of consumers are being seen to use their mobile device in-store to purchase an item online that they have just identified and chosen off the shelf.

What are the top products for online shopping?

  • Fashion – 46% of Australians purchased clothing and accessories online in the last six months
  • Concert and event tickets – purchased online by 25% of consumers
  • Food, wine, and grocery – by 24% of consumers
  • Skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance – by 21% of consumers

Not only do Australian consumers use their mobile devices to research and carry out their purchases, but they also use them to reap the benefits of vendor reward and loyalty programs. Mobile campaigns for marketing are also extremely effective, and provide a great way for businesses to engage with and capture the attention of their customer-base.

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