The Top Reasons Emails Get Rejected

Email marketing can be a boon for your business – but only if you get it right. Too many brands and business marketers get it wrong – and the number of unwanted or poorly considered emails that hit recipients’ inboxes only to be deleted without even being opened is mind-boggling.

Here are some of the top reasons emails get rejected by recipients:

Your Subject Line is all Wrong

Whether or not your email will be opened depends first and foremost on your subject line. This should be concise, snappy, catchy, and intriguing, making the audience want to learn more. It should also be relevant to the content of the email.

Failure to Personalise

Always personalise your emails to their recipients – and if this is not possible, at least never use the wrong name. Ideally, your email database will include first names, and great marketing automation tools will allow you to use personalisation tokens for your emails.

You Sent Email Untested                          

Always do a test run before you hit “send” to your email recipient list. This will ensure your message looks good and that there are no glaring mistakes that can’t be undone.

Your Email Content is Boring

Emails that are long and boring will gain you no fans. People often check emails while doing other things, or while having a short break – so you need to make your stand out for all the right reasons and be quick to get your point across. Make your content interesting, fun, and of value to your audience.

You Stretch the Truth

Don’t lie. Your brand image depends on you being trustworthy, so keep this in mind. Don’t exaggerate or claim to be something you are not – you don’t want to be perceived in a negative light. And remember, mud sticks.

You Made it All about the Sales Pitch

Email is a place to provide value to your audience, in the hope that they will become your customer. It is a place to build relationships – not to hit them with a sales pitch. You want to hook your audience and reel them in – they can be given the sales pitch when they come to you.

  • Never make negative comments about your competitors in an email (or at all, for that matter).
  • Don’t broadcast your achievements via email – these types of posts are better suited to social media or blog posts.
  • Make all your emails about the recipient and offer them tangible value.

When you get email marketing right, your message might hit and be opened by your perfect target customer. Alternatively, you might miss the perfect customer but capture their attention enough so that your message is forwarded onto your perfect customer. It’s all about pitching your emails in a clever and effective way.

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