How do I Personalise Automated Emails?

One of the biggest issues that email recipients have when receiving marketing emails is that they so often feel like spam (and, quite frankly, much of what lands in inboxes is spam). What do we all do with spam? We hit the delete button, often without even opening the message.

Automation of email marketing is highly efficient and allows you as a business owner to operate much more efficiently. Yet automated messages need to feel personal and targeted, they need to foster and build valuable connections, and they need to amplify your brand identity in the mind of the consumer. As an email marketer, it’s your job to deliver automated emails to a wide audience in such a way that they achieve all of these things seamlessly.

Every single email message you submit to consumers is important, and according to market research, it takes a number of positive messages to cement a brand in the consumer mindset. These messages need to be consistent with brand identity and tell a cohesive story.

Here are a few simple yet powerful ways in which you can create automated marketing emails that are on-brand and feel personal to the consumer…

  • Personalise the Sender. It’s all about connection and a brand will depict a sense of authenticity if it is personalised. A personalised sender signature and email address of origin will feel less like one is on a marketing list and more like one is a valued client or customer. Include links inviting recipients of emails to connect with you via social media.
  • Make Data work for you. If you have recipient names in your database or available to you in their email addresses, you may be able to better personalise your messages by identifying them by name. Use data you already have to identify interested parties to what you are offering. As you become apprised of more information, add it to your database.
  • Segment the Audience. Always send messages applicable to the recipients’ location, gender, age group and demographic, and native language. Sending automated marketing emails in the wrong language or to an inappropriate audience is a major business faux pas.
  • Use Lead Scoring to define buyer interest. This is an automated method of ranking prospective buyers to identify how best to communicate and connect with said lead. This will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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