Tips for Creating a Premium SMS Campaign

Adding text messaging to your business’s marketing strategy is a great idea and with so many consumers now relying heavily on their smartphones, to fail to harness SMS marketing for your brand would be remiss. You don’t, however, wish to be too hasty when you add SMS to your overall marketing strategy; it should instead be a well-considered undertaking.

SMS is perhaps the most personal form of marketing and messaging; when a consumer accepts your text messages, you have literally been invited and accepted into their inner circle of communication. You really need to get it right.

Here are some basic tips for creating a premium SMS campaign:

  • Only send SMS marketing messages to recipients with whom you have an existing relationship; for example, they are an existing customer and have opted in to receive your messages. Alternatively, they may be a potential customer who has indicated an interest in your brand and has opted into receiving SMS from you.
  • Provide clear and simple “opt-out” or unsubscribe options; for example: “Reply STOP to unsubscribe”. If a consumer does not wish to receive SMS marketing messages, they should be able to make sure these cease immediately – otherwise it could ultimately hurt your brand.
  • Send only messages that are specific and time-sensitive. They will not be general in any way; there will be a distinct call to action. For example, you may offer a specific discount “this weekend only”. The message will offer definite value to your recipients and require definite action.
  • Send your SMS marketing messages in a timely manner; by knowing your target audience, you can send out meaningful messages at times when your audience will be amenable to their content and not otherwise occupied.
  • Personalise your SMS. Messages should be short, clear, and personalised to the recipient – let’s face it, there is no more personal messaging medium than SMS.
  • Use SMS short codes, and ensure these are dedicated to your brand and business. Some short codes that are more cheaply available are shared with numerous other businesses; this is not best practice for your own business’s protection and it is worth spending more to have your own brand-specific short code.

Some consumers love to receive SMS marketing messages; others prefer to receive this content in another way, such as via social media or email. Optimise your campaigns to best suit your target consumer for superior results.

Contact ClickSend for superior advice, guidance, and partnership in your brand’s SMS campaign. We are the experts in our field and will be delighted to collaborate with you to help you grow your business to the next level and beyond.

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