How to Avoid SMS Campaign Failure

There are no guarantees in life and this rule applies to everything – including the success of your marketing efforts. There are, however, ways to enhance your likelihood of success with respect to your SMS marketing campaign.

There are four golden rules to help avoid SMS campaign failure:

  1. Ensure SMS Messages are Clear and Concise. SMS campaign text messages do not need a lot of content. They should be short and sharp; clear and concise. The most effective SMS campaigns are a clear call to action for the recipient; it is immediately obvious who the sender is and the message includes active verbiage to spur your audience into positive action. Direct your recipient clearly insofar as what you want them to do. 
  1. Spelling and Grammar are Critical. There is nothing more off-putting than poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Businesses need to get this right each and every time. Remember that you are a business entity and every message you send represents your brand and its attention to detail. Taking time to proofread and edit every message demonstrates respect for yourself as a brand and for your recipients.

Additionally, “text-speak” (e.g. LOL, BRB, GTG, YOLO,  #hashtags) have no place in a professional SMS campaign. While, with character limits in place, it’s easy to see why these abbreviations may appeal to senders, only very young or unsophisticated recipients will appreciate “text speak”. And hashtags are overused, are frequently inappropriately used and, quite frankly, very annoying to many. They do have their place, but your SMS campaign isn’t it.

  1. Make it Valuable to your Recipients. Every single message you send represents your audience allowing you to intrude into their life. Make every single message worthwhile to them. Put the consumer first in a tangible way. Make sure that they win – and that they know they win. There is so much “noise” out there, and much of it is white noise. Make your message valuable in that it gives your recipient a great reason to open, read, and act upon it. Anything less will potentially alienate them and result in opt-outs.
  1. Choose an expert SMS Marketing Partner. ClickSend is a professional and experienced business SMS gateway that partners with you to enhance your SMS and email marketing activities. A cloud-based service, we offer solutions such as alerts, 2FA, billing, people management, reminders, lead generation and management, event management, sales automation, and much more. Contact us today to allow us to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level with confidence.