SMS for schools

Why Do Schools Need SMS Services?

One of the services we provide at ClickSend is Emergency SMS messaging for schools. You may ask, why would schools need an SMS messaging service?

The need for fast and effective communication between schools and parents can’t be understated. This applies to all schools, from early childhood facilities, to infants and primary schools, and secondary schools. It applies to public, private, and independent educational institutions.

It’s true that for a one-off communication between the school and an individual family or parent, a simple phone call or personal email or text message might suffice. For a wider audience, notes can be sent home via hard copy or email, and weekly newsletter bulletins are common in many schools to disperse a large amount of information that is of general interest.

But what about when an en-masse message must be delivered, especially in an emergency when time is of the essence? The most effective and efficient communication channel between schools and parents, especially in an emergency situation, is via SMS.

When Every Minute Counts

In case of any kind of emergency, parents need to be contacted immediately. This goes without saying when children are younger; however even parents of secondary students want and need to be informed in a timely manner of potential emergency situations.

Examples of these circumstances when instant delivery of messages from a school is required include:

  • School bus is late or a no-show
  • Last-minute cancellation of or change to a school event
  • Bomb threat or lockdown
  • Fire evacuation
  • Infectious disease outbreak
  • Student unexplained absence

Why is a School SMS Messaging Service the Solution?

Almost all of us carry a mobile phone that is, at even its most basic, able to send and receive SMS messages. SMS is the fastest, most personalised, most reliable and inexpensive method of delivering a message to parents. Alerts can be sent instantaneously, in bulk, or may be customised to a certain pool of contacts.

In an emergency, an SMS alert can be sent to the entire school community in a matter of a few seconds – and the school can also opt to be able to track receipt of sent messages.

Unlike social media alerts or instant messaging, people (and parents) take personal SMS messages very seriously and open rates are fast and maximised for this most trusted communication channel. Even when other communications services fail, SMS services usually function effectively.

Contact ClickSend today to simplify communications between your school and the parent community. The process is fast and simple to manage, and we are here to help every step of the way.

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