Tips for Innovative Marketing with SMS

SMS is used more all the time as a marketing channel, and clever business owners use SMS to help build customer relationships, promote loyalty, and push conversion rates.

How can you use SMS to its full benefit to facilitate an innovative and successful marketing campaign? Aside from instant and cost effective delivery of announcements to an enormous number of recipients (with high open rates), and confirmations/notifications to customers, here are some tips for powerful SMS marketing:

  • First and foremost: keep it concise and simple. Get right to the point and tell the consumer exactly what it is they need to do.
  • Segment your audience. Target messages appropriately and the audience will find what you have to say both valuable and relevant to them. This is the difference between information and spam. Audience segmentation is achieved by integrating purchase histories with demographics and engagement history.
  • Send offers to customers. This provides a two-pronged result: it rewards customer loyalty by showcasing time-sensitive offers, and also reminds previous customers of your presence.
  • Determine who in your customer database continues to be engaged with your brand. By measuring response rates, you can easily update your user lists and glean where your targeting efforts should be directed.
  • Run easy and unobtrusive consumer surveys. Most consumers don’t enjoy nor participate in surveys which require long-form responses. Fast and concise survey questions sent as short SMS messages staggered over a set time period will in most cases elicit a more favourable response rate.
  • Integrate SMS with your ecommerce activities and your email campaign. By including a short URL in your SMS message (use or to shorten links), you encourage conversion. By incorporating SMS into your email marketing campaign, you can better track consumer activity. Additionally, when you direct mail or email a customer with an incentive offer, follow up with an SMS message a day later to boost open rates and conversions.
  • Encourage two-way conversation in your marketing with SMS. Use short codes to invite feedback and strengthen the bonds between your brand and the consumer. This way you can utilise SMS as a powerful customer service, support, and feedback tool.
  • Create time sensitive offers as opposed to open-ended messages – the concept of expiry is what pushes consumers to action.
  • Track and analyse your results – use your SMS marketing messages and their engagement rates to determine when best time to message consumers, so that they will be most amenable and receptive to your marketing efforts.

The ability of a business to send a consumer SMS marketing messages is a privilege. Remember this at all times; send appropriate messages of high value to the consumer and not too frequently. Personalise them and make them something that will be welcomed.

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