Raspberry Pi board

Send SMS from a Raspberry Pi

This tutorial explains how to send an SMS from your Raspberry Pi without using a GSM modem. In this tutorial, we’ll be sending the SMS through the internet using the ClickSend SMS API.

  1. Create an account at ClickSend.com
  2. Create a Python script and add your ClickSend credentials
  3. Connect to the Raspberry Pi via SSH/PuTTY (Raspberry pi must be connected to the Internet) https://raspberrypi4dummies.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/connect-to-the-raspberry-pi-via-ssh-putty/
  4. Copy script clicksend.py from your windows PC to your Raspberry Pi. (../home/pi)
  5. Start script clicksend.py with your parameters: python clicksend.py
  6. Done! Your SMS should’ve been sent by now.

We’d love to hear what you’ve created. Please get in touch with us for some free SMS credits.

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