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Tips for a Successful SMS Loyalty Campaign

SMS is a powerful tool for building closer vendor/consumer relationships, and text messaging personalises communications more than any other medium. When a customer allows you access to them via SMS text messaging, they are welcoming them into their closest circle; and this places the onus on you as a business owner to create a solid and trusted foundation for your mobile marketing initiatives – and this includes your loyalty program.

A loyalty program is a structured marketing strategy that is designed to encourage customer loyalty – for them to continue to use and even promote the products and services of the nominated business.

The use of loyalty programs dates back more than two hundred years, beginning in 1793! From copper tokens to trading stamps; coupons on box tops to prizes for children in breakfast cereals; tobacco inserts to trade cards; these methods of loyalty marketing have evolved to frequent flyer points and ultimately SMS Loyalty programs that we see today.

What is required for a successful SMS Loyalty Program?

  • Simplicity is key. First and foremost, make sure that your website is optimised for mobile devices. Consumers need to be able to quickly and easily find what they are searching for, with details clear and easily understood.
  • Use a simple and memorable keyword call to action.
  • Ensure you offer real value to your members. Texting is personal and you need to make messages worthwhile for the consumer to agree to keep receiving them. Offer something unique each and every time, and ensure that your loyalty program offers value from the consumer’s very first interaction with it.
  • Be consistent – always. Consumers need to know exactly what to expect from being a part of your loyalty program, including how often they can expect to receive SMS messages from you, and how important messages they receive from you will be. The key to consistency is having a concrete messaging plan.
  • Promote your SMS Loyalty Campaign to all customers at the checkout as well as your followers on social media. Use a call to action on emails and other postings. Promote your loyalty program in-store and on your website as well.
  • Track your results, learn from your mistakes, and welcome consumer feedback. Ask your customers what they want from you; what they like and what doesn’t work for them.

An SMS Loyalty Program can revolutionise your business. Contact us at Clicksend today to learn more about how we can help you take the next step with SMS for your business.

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